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Company Information

Platinum Research is a trading name of Thoughtbridge Consulting LTD and is a premium research and academic writing consultancy based in the UK, with our head office in Alton, Hampshire.

We have a highly skilled team of writers who are able to produce top quality custom essays to the highest standards possible. We provide 100% original essays written to specific guidelines by specialist UK graduates.

We only look for the best writing talent available and offer some of the most competitive rates of pay available for freelance academic writing in the country. We source our clients from a variety of websites under the Thoughtbridge Consulting group and are therefore always very busy.

Fair Use Policy

This document is representative of the information we provide to our clients when using our websites. It also forms part of our terms and conditions and all customer service representatives, QA and in-house staff are aware of the regulations we expect clients to follow. They are also trained to explain this to clients.

When a client purchases a custom essay or model answer from any of our websites, this essay is to be used as a guide. That is, it must be of assistance to the individual in writing their own essay, enhancing their learning and suggesting relevant sources for research. The clients are not to submit the work that we provide as their own.

So, what is fair use of a model answer? Why order a custom essay?

Students spend a lot of time in the library, researching and making notes. Much of the information that they read may not in fact be relevant to their course. They may be overwhelmed with information and struggle to find relevant information and sources. Often the material they find is in books and journal articles, which is not representative of an essay structure. Lecturers and tutors do sometimes give essay writing advice, which relates to how they would like their students to evaluate and present the information they have been asked to research or the question they have been asked to answer. Very few lecturers actually provide examples on how essays should be written. We all know that learning is best achieved through the use of examples. Therefore a custom example essay aims to do exactly this; enable a student to learn by example. It is a very powerful research tool. It gives a student an example of the way that the essay could be written (we say could as there is of course more than one approach to any essay). This research tool should be used a point of reference and enable the student to approach the essay in the correct way, whilst enhancing their own knowledge about the subject.

How am I meant to use the model answer you have provided?

You should use this just as you would a journal, a book, a report or online article that relates to the same subject as your essay. As an academic, you are not expected to copy directly from any of these sources word-for word. You would be expected to read the information, draw your own inferences and thus answer the question from your own perspective. The essay will include a host of resources and references, which can further aid in this process and should be found and examined.

So, go through the model answer provided, so you can see how the essay has been answered, then work on your own ideas and arguments, research the material cited in the essay and in addition, source further material related to the essay, use the model answer to assist you to create your own essay and make sure that the work you produce is 100% your own.

What exactly is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is defined by the Oxford online dictionary as;

The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own” (Oxford Dictionaries, 2014).

Some examples of plagiarism are, using somebody else’s work and using it as if they were your own words, using the ideas of somebody else, not correctly citing a reference that you have paraphrased, not using quotations marks for direct quotes, basic copy and paste, citing a source that you have not consulted, paraphrasing without giving credit.

Remember that all universities have their own policies on plagiarism and although some universities do not agree with students facilitating the use of our services, using our services is NOT plagiarism if you follow this fair use policy.

Can I hand in the work that you give me and will I get caught?

If you were to hand in our work as your own, because it is written from scratch and is therefore original and never uploaded to the internet, your work would not be detected as plagiarised from a plagiarism scanner. However, this does not take into account your tutor who reads the essay and his or her understanding of your own unique style of writing. Your tutor may ask you questions about the work or you may be asked to attend a viva voce in which you have to defend your work.

If you hand in the sample answer without changing it, it is plagiarism. Working on the piece and changing a few sections or words here and there is still plagiarism. Therefore, by using the custom essay as intended you not only improve your knowledge and your grade but you have the satisfaction of knowing it is all your own work.


Oxford Dictionaries. (2014). Plagiarism. Retrieved from http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/plagiarism